Wednesday, February 21, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, February 24, 2018 (All day)

Computer science educators will gather on February 21-24 for SIGCSE 2018, and NCWIT will be among them to share new ideas with other educators and experts working to develop, implement, and engage students in computing at all levels of instruction. Follow NCWIT on social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) for live updates and recommended resources, using #NCWITOnTheRoad. And, catch additional conversation by following @SIGCSE_TS and #SIGCSE2018.

Broadening Participation in Computing Booth (Booth 414)

Be sure to stop by the Broadening Participation in Computing triple booth in the exhibit hall. NCWIT will join 11 other BPC Alliance organizations to provide information and resources about diversifying computing. Learn what's new, pick up materials, or just say, “Hi!”

NCWIT EngageCSEdu Booth (Booth 420)

EngageCSEdu is a platform for instructors of introductory computer science courses to find and share high-quality, engaging course materials. We believe that by empowering instructors to use key, evidence-based curricular and pedagogical practices, we can help broaden participation in computing. Visit our booth to learn more, and pick up swag and resources.


Special Session: Microaggressions // Thursday, February 22  // 10:45 a.m. // Room 309
In this interactive session, NCWIT Director of Research Catherine Ashcraft, along with NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Member Representative Dr. Colleen Lewis, will help attendees learn strategies for responding to bias in academic settings. Attendees will then practice those strategies in small groups. This will be facilitated by playing two rounds of a research-based, game-learning approach developed by the NSF Project, which has been tested in a group of 200 teaching assistants. This is the fifth iteration of the game-learning approach, and all attendees will receive a printed copy of the game, as well as a link to download and print more copies.
Special Session: Watch Them Teach // Thursday, February 22 // 1:45 p.m. // Room 315
NCWIT K-12 Alliance Consultant Leslie Aaronson is one of six exceptional educators who will be given ten minutes to teach the audience. The moderator will then draw the attention of the audience to particular pedagogical moves that the instruction included. Attendees can see a new approach to introducing a topic or a new pedagogical move. No matter what, attendees will be able to take ideas from this session directly back to their teaching!
Join NCWIT Director of Evaluation Wendy DuBow and a panel of experts from various backgrounds as they discuss the complexities of the Community College (CC) landscape and contribute to a better understanding of the role CCs can play with four-year institutions in broadening the participation efforts in CS and Information Technology (IT).
NCWIT Research Scientist and EngageCSEdu Director Beth Quinn, Director of Evaluation Wendy DuBow, and Extension Services Associate Director Jamie Huber-Ward will discuss a virtual, interactive professional development course intended to build the capacity of community college faculty to recruit and retain women and underrepresented minorities in their computing programs. The project was designed in response to community college faculty reporting frustration at their institutions’ general inability to support professional development, their consequent feelings of isolation from other like-minded faculty, and their need for practical methods to broaden participation in their programs.
Special Session: Repositories You Shouldn't Be Living Without // Saturday, February 24 // 8:45 a.m. // Room 315
NCWIT Research Scientist and EngageCSEdu Director Beth Quinn will be part of an overview of the repositories of information relevant to the computing education community that have come online over the last few years, each with different content and purpose. Demonstrations of the functionality of the repositories will be shown, and attendees are encouraged to come with their questions and suggestions for improvement, if they are currently users of the repositories.
The EngageCSEdu team will participate in this "speed dating" session to provide participants with an opportunity to source new solutions by engaging directly with Google program managers and partner faculty. The broad array of interventions and resources will include machine learning, data science, training for peer tutors, engaging in-class, and extra-curricular learning content (e.g., EngageCSEdu), and self-learning resources for students.

NCWIT Reception

Friday, February 23 // 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. // Main Terrace (around the Market Fresh Cafe)
The NCWIT Academic Alliance will host a reception on February 23 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at the Main Terrace (around the Market Fresh Cafe). NCWIT invites faculty members of higher education to attend. Both current NCWIT members and those interested in becoming members of NCWIT are welcome. Drinks and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.
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