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Women in Computing Professional Development Series

In progressSharon Mason


June 18, 2013June 18, 2013
Promote the professional development of women computing students


Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Computing & Information Sciences
New York
This program has been in place for several years.Working across multiple colleges to include students from computing, engineering and technology has been very beneficial to promoting this program.RecruitingRetainingAdvising/CounselingEvaluating


Great idea, Pat! What do you do to promote PD?

Thanks Doug! We have a series of events such as how to interview, resume writing, how to dress for success, how to conduct a meal-time interview.

What has been the single most important factor in sustaining this event? Is a faculty member or faculty group the key to this success, or is there an annual event that this is part of? I am impressed that this has been in place for several years.

Are there associated costs with the program? If so, who covers those?

Our students are very driven to work after graduation. So these professional development programs have been very well attended in the past by students. We have a program coordinator who organized the event. Some budget was contributed by the colleges. Students were asked for a deposit, which was returned to them when they attended the event. With this system, we reduced our number of "no shows."