Bring IT On!

September 12, 2006
Just Be Individuals

Members of the Women in Computing group at Indiana University (WIC@IU) created a unique and interactive K-12 outreach program in 2004 that was inspired by Carnegie Mellon's Women@SCS Roadshow.

Creating the Next Generation of Creators

September 5, 2006
Kate Starbird

Recently I met with the director of youth activities at a local community center in Seattle. We were sitting together in the center's new computer facility, home to twelve work-stations, discussing ideas for a future program to teach computing skills to high-risk girls. I had been working at the center for one afternoon a week since the beginning of the summer, holding basketball clinics for the girls.

Competition: Do Women Have What it Takes?

August 23, 2006

BusinessWeek has a special report this week on What Makes a Winner." My favorite feature of this report is the How Competitive Are You? poll. BusinessWeek surveyed 2,500 middle managers and executives at U.S.

The Microsoft Faculty Summit

August 10, 2006
Faculty Summit Speakers

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft's Faculty Summit is an important annual gathering, and normally Bill Gates opens the event. This year, however, Microsoft decided that a plenary panel should kick things off.

Getting Scientists and Congress to Mingle

August 1, 2006
Peter Harsha

One of the most effective "tools" of the science advocacy community, in making the case for federal support of science, is…well, scientists. Occasions in which researchers are able to sit down with Members of Congress and discuss their own work do more to advance the cause of science than five meetings with staff like me.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

GNOME's Outreach to Women

July 24, 2006
Ginger Makela

Slashdot recently had an interesting thread about GNOME's decision to launch a Women's Summer Outreach Program after they received 181 applications for Google's Summer of Code program, but none from women.

IT in Iceland

July 17, 2006
Laptop image

My family just finished a great vacation in Iceland. I can describe this wonderful country in a nutshell: it's truly unspoiled, has considerably more sheep than people, and possesses all types of terrain. But I'm not really intending to write about Iceland; instead, I want to tell you how this trip impressed upon me the power of information technology in our lives.

Technology Summer Camp

July 6, 2006
DigitalCurrents Project

The first three weeks of June are always a favorite time for me. That's when the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder teams up with the Denver Public School system's Computer Magnet Program to host the DigitalCUrrents summer technology camp.

Old Photos

June 28, 2006
Bell Labs Photo

It was wonderful to have Fred Gluck as our NCWIT blog author last week. Fred is a long-time advocate for technology and diverse thought, working tirelessly in K-12 education in Boulder schools. In an odd twist of fate, just as Fred was writing to us at NCWIT about the issues he raised in his blog piece, I found the old photo above in one of my desk drawers.

Girls and Math: What Works

June 21, 2006
Fred Gluck

I've been volunteering in the Boulder Valley School District for the past 15 years, working with students in the areas of math, science, and computers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.