Startups, Culture, and Why Gender Diversity Matters

Foos Girls

Today NCWIT invited its Entrepreneurial Alliance members and other Boulder-based guests to attend a lunchtime tech talk, "Startups, Culture, and Why Gender Diversity Matters." We were pleased to be joined at the TechStars offices by folks from StandingCloudSendGrid, FullContactSpotXChange, GNIP, PivotDesk, MobileDay, BlogFrog, App-X and others, as well as sponsor Bank of America, especially since the sunny, 70-degrees weather made it feel a little wrong to be stuck inside.

NCWIT's board of directors chair and Foundry Group managing director Brad Feld kicked things off by recollecting something our CEO and Co-founder, Lucy Sanders, had said to him back when NCWIT was being formed: "It's not about gender parity, it's just ... stupid [that we'd neglect to include women's talent in the development of technology.]"

NCWIT then rolled through a brief presentation that included statistics about the current lack of technical women, the business case for why building a diverse company should matter to startups, how unconscious bias can get in the way, and how companies can "optimize" their status quo to recruit and retain more women. No binders!

You can check out the slides on Slideshare or download the PPT here.