NCWIT Has a New Website!

At the risk of mentioning the obvious ... we've launched a new website! We're very excited to share this new site with you, and here are some of the great new features you'll find here.

Improved Navigation. The new site navigation puts the focus on NCWIT's strategy of community, resources, and action, and reorganizes content to make it easier to find. The navigation emphasizes the work of NCWIT Alliances, better explains NCWIT programs, and provides an enhanced new way to find and use NCWIT resources.

Improved Communication. We've got a lot of good real estate on the new homepage that we intend to devote to bringing you the latest news, resources, alliance action, and other things we think you need to know, so that you can spend less time learning more.

Easier-to-find Resources. Many of you had trouble finding resources at our old site ... we did, too. That's why we're eager for you to use our new site's resource search functionality, which gives you multiple options for searching by audience, goal, title, category, or resource type. 

Drupal Backbone. That the new site is powered by Drupal makes it powerful, flexible, and beautiful. We love that Drupal is an open source platform that is constantly being improved by its users. Drupal's content management system helps us lower costs by bringing more of our web development and maintenance in-house. Theming allows us to impart a sleek and consistent look and feel across different pages and content types, which we can change when we want to. Drupal also offers a broad range of add-ons and compatibility modules with other applications, so we're eager to hook up our new site with other in-house processes to help streamline many of the things we do.

Mobile. We're happy to have a site that looks pretty darn good on a mobile device, too, so that you can put NCWIT in your pocket and find us when you need us.

In case you're curious, the new site was constructed with the help of Denver-based firm Aten Design Group and is based on information architecture input from Boulder-based 6Kites. You'll see us transitioning our "microsites" (NCWIT Summit, Aspirations) over to the new format shortly. Do you have thoughts on the new site? Please tell us what you think