A High Note

April 24, 2006
Woman's Shoes

I've always wanted to see the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so when Sam Kamin asked me to give a keynote at their Mom's Day event on April 7, I eagerly agreed to go.

Contextual Experiences, Flexible Knowledge

April 14, 2006
Kermit image

Our approach at Georgia Tech's College of Computing focuses on the needs that Dr. William Aspray emphasized in his blog here, based on the recent ACM Globalization report: the need to prepare undergraduates to have "flexible knowledge," and for curricula to take "an interdisciplinary approach."

Real, Real Science

April 7, 2006
Jane Margolis

In an article entitled "Girlie Science," the author makes mention of a recent University of Leeds study showing that boys and girls have very different interests when it comes to science.


March 31, 2006
Trip members

The last week has been a blur -- full of what can only be called a mosaic of contrasting experiences, like the light REM sleep one goes through early in the morning hours. I must tell you about it. Perhaps you can help.

Art and Computer Science: A Double Life

March 24, 2006
Art image

In 1991, the year I turned forty, I came out of the closet as an artist. I'd been painting as long as I could remember but I had hidden it from my professional colleagues except for a few close friends.

Plans for Business, Plans for Life

March 17, 2006
Sue Kunz

I was very pleased when NCWIT asked me to share some of my experiences in starting an IT business in a primarily male-oriented landscape. When my business partner, Char, and I started Solidware, our intent was to make a difference – a big difference.


March 10, 2006
Lecia Barker

Last week, 1,200 of my colleagues and I attended the 37th annual ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education -- sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education, or SIGCSE -- in Houston, Texas. I have been attending SIGCSE for the past several years, both to disseminate my research in computer science education and to better understand the issues faced by computing educators.

NCWIT: Poster Child

March 7, 2006
NCWIT Poster

The moral: Great minds are justifiably the most difficult to impress; but once an impression is made, a world of opportunity opens up.

The New Offshoring Report's Good News for Women in IT

February 28, 2006
Dr. William Aspray

Last week, the ACM Job Migration Task Force released a report on Globalization and the Offshoring of Software. The report did not explicitly discuss the impact of offshoring on women in developed countries who were already pursuing IT careers or were considering study for an IT career. Nevertheless, it is straightforward to see some of the implications of the report for these women.

Prime Real Estate for NCWIT

February 21, 2006
Bobby Schnabel

Take a look at this! What you are looking at – currently under construction – is the ATLAS Center, soon to be home to most of the core staff of the National Center for Women & Information Technology. In fact, the NCWIT "cluster" is directly inside the center and right curved second story windows that you see in the bottom left portion of the image, just to the left of the small balcony.