It's summertime, and we're thinking about ... JOBS.

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It's summertime, and we're thinking about ... JOBS. 

We know we're not alone. Whether you love it or hate it, whether you're taking a vacation from one or looking for one, jobs matter. Jobs drive our economy and signal our health and wealth. Innovation spurs jobs, and jobs spur innovation. Our job is often a hallmark of who we are, how we define ourselves. 

At NCWIT we're concerned with computing and technology jobs, and the need to increase women's participation in these occupations. But we're also concerned more broadly with the fact that computing and technology are becoming increasingly pervasive aspects of millions of non-technology jobs. NCWIT wants to ensure that we're providing all young people with a computing education that enables them to participate fully in an increasingly computing-driven world ... not just as consumers, but as creators, too. We want to ensure that people, particularly women and other underrepresented groups, know about tech careers and have the skills they need to participate in them. We want to ensure that everyone has opportunities to advance and excel in technical careers. We want to see more people using technology in their jobs to do great things.

So for the next six weeks, we're going to be talking about jobs. Here are some of the bases we're going to cover:

  • Why computing and technology jobs? We'll tell you why you should want one, and why they’re good for both men and women.
  • There are jobs. Tech jobs enjoy high employment, hig pay, and high growth. We'll show you the numbers.
  • There are all KINDS of jobs. It's not just about writing code: we'll show you how jobs combine technology or computing with other disciplines, how people are using technology to solve the world's problems, how non-technical people got sucked into technical jobs and got hooked. 
  • NCWIT members have jobs. NCWIT comprises more than 350 organizations, from academic institutions and non-profits to startups and large corporations. Come find out more about some of our members' job opportunities. 
  • How to get and keep good people and good jobs. We'll focus on recruitment, retention, and advancement in technical occupations, with tips that apply for both women and men, employers and employees. 

We hope you'll enjoy our summer jobs campaign. You'll find us tweeting about jobs at Twitter:, with the hashtag #NCWITonJOBS; and you'll find us talking about jobs on Facebook at We welcome your input and invite you play along ... from your job.