Did You Know: What Our Members Think

Did you know that, according to responses from our annual member survey, more than 79% of NCWIT members in our Academic, Entrepreneurial, K-12, and Workforce Alliances - as well as our Social Science Advisory Board - are taking action by implementing practices, working on project teams, distributing resources, and participating at Summits?

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Did you know that "Did You Know" is one of NCWIT’s most popular “resources”? More than 90% of members said they'd learned something new from Did You Know, and more than 80% of respondents agreed that "gender issues have more credibility" because of these news briefs. 

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Did you know that, according to Academic Alliance members, the most useful NCWIT resources for them are Programs in a BoxPromising PracticesTop 10 Ways, and the Scorecard?

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Did you know that one quarter of all NCWIT members have been participating with us for three or more years, though most Affinity Group Alliance and Entrepreneurial Alliance members have been affiliated with us for less than one year?

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Did you know that more than half of all respondents in our K-12 Alliance member survey report having used an NCWIT resource to “achieve something I had wanted to do,” while 60% of them “talked with someone else about one or more of the issues” covered in an NCWIT resource, and nearly 70% of K-12 respondents report having “learned something new” from an NCWIT resource?

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Did you know that of all the NCWIT alliances, the Workforce Alliance saw the biggest increase in active participation between 2009 and 2011. More than half of these members (56%) collaborated with other members on a project team, nearly 35% participated in the Award for Aspirations in Computing, and 22% worked with others to implement a program or practice.

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Like you, we hate filling out forms. However, we do an annual member survey because we want our members' NCWIT experience to be valuable, and we want to listen to and apply their feedback. Here are some more members’ thoughts on NCWIT, straight from the member survey:

“Your organization is a gold mine of useful information and resources for helping us to foster an interest in IT in our future college students. Keep up the great work!”

“Once again I am reminded by this survey of the expanding list of resources that I must now go back and take a closer look at.”

“[With our] involvement in aspirations award - was able to convince VP for Enrollment to offer scholarship planning a workshop on stereotype threat in spring.”

“I credit NCWIT networking with expanding my understanding of gender and technology realities in the U.S. workplace.”

“We are new to NCWIT but it has given us ideas that we find useful. As a result of reading materials from NCWIT we have formed a "Women in Computing" club and are revisiting our procedures for high school visits and open houses.”

“MANY of the ‘Promising Practices’ were completely unfamiliar to me.”

“Your program-in-box activities and workbooks/guides are very helpful in our outreach efforts.”

“We can’t make sufficient changes without an organization such as this!! Thank you for all that you do.”

“You have great resources. I can't keep up but this survey suggests I need to review them.”

“I receive a psychological benefit from knowing that there are people and corporations who care about women in tech.”

“[NCWIT] has helped my organization see that others are very concerned with the issues of women and computing and it’s not just me and a couple of colleagues....given more importance to the need to helping solve the issues.”

“[NCWIT] has allowed us the opportunity to recommend students for the Aspirations award, have access to important CS statistics … we found excellent speakers at the Summit that we have since been able to work with. It keeps us up-to-date on what is happening in the CS world so that we can provide the most relevant information to our membership.”

“We put together and received funding for a NSF grant due to NCWIT networking, I'm meeting next week with a local women in technology student chapter leader due to NCWIT, and I've learned a lot of great ideas, names, connection, and strategies from NCWIT networking.”


“NCWIT provides integral resources to helping us drive our vision and strategy for recruiting and retaining technical women within our organization. Through the data, research, member experiences, promising practices, we have made significant advances --- I believe in a way and at a pace we could not have without NCWIT. Most importantly, the NCWIT staff has given us complete support that has been customized for our unique company culture.”