Interview with Marketta Silvera

Marketta Silvera
Since joining Apptera in 2005 as chief executive and board member, Marketta Silvera has led the company to be the first provider of v-Business solutions (e-Business over the phone) that help enterprises increase revenues through ad-serving technologies, 1-to-1 marketing, and personalized e-commerce over the phone channel. Previously, as an entrepreneur and chairman/CEO, Ms. Silvera founded the first network-based Internet security company, Pilot Network Services, which developed patented technology to protect corporate networks against criminal hackers. She took the company public and built it to a $1 billion market cap. Prior to that, Ms. Silvera was President/COO of VoiceCom Systems, a leading voice messaging and IVR systems provider; and of Votan, a voice recognition technology leader. Ms. Silvera is a board member and past president of AVIOS, an international voice-technology society. She has been a frequent speaker at technology and investment banking conferences, and has contributed articles to local and national publications. She holds a B.S. in Economics from Turku School of Economics, Finland, with coursework in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and graduate studies in Mathematical Economics at Syracuse University in New York.
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Marketta Silvera
Release Date 
September 20, 2007
Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson, Lee Kennedy