Interview with Leila Boujnane

Leila Boujnane

Leila Boujnane is the co-founder and CEO of Idée Inc., a firm focused on large scale image search. Idée launched TinEye the world's first reverse image search engine. Our goal is to build useful image search solutions and to make the world's images searchable.
Leila began her career in software development at Algorithmics a financial risk management software company and brings a decade of software experience to her role at Idée. She is a supporter of Canada's startup community and a search innovation leader who has been featured in various publications including Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, Fast Company, The New York Times, CBC, The Guardian. She is also a novice ultra runner and terrible photographer.

Interview Subject: Leila Boujnane
Release Date: January 4, 2011
Duration: 21:50
Interviewer(s): Larry Nelson, Lee Kennedy

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes