Interview with Krista Marks (Heroes)

Krista Marks

Krista Marks is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience at the forefront of technology. She has built and led highly effective software and hardware teams for startups, consulting firms, and Fortune 100 companies, and recently delivered the highly acclaimed solutions for creativity and community on She was honored with the Kids at Play Interactive (KAPi) award for “Emerging Pioneer” at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Krista Marks is currently CEO & Co-Founder of Simbulus creators of Woot Math, a Boulder software, ed-tech startup. Previously, she was Vice President at Disney for User Generated Content. She came to Disney through its 2008 acquisition of Kerpoof where she was also CEO and co-founder. The tools created at Disney and Kerpoof have allowed millions of children to create, save, and share artwork in safe online environments. Her career has spanned many technology fields where she has worked as an engineer, manager, and executive, and she has won a broad range of awards. In addition to the KAPi award, she was a 2005 finalist for Xilinx’s highest technical achievement award for her work in networking electronics. In 1999, she won Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s highest achievement award for her contributions to high energy physics instrumentation. She holds multiple U.S. patents and a BS in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina.

Interview Subject: Krista Marks
Release Date: August 2, 2010
Duration: 33:56
Interviewer(s): Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes