Interview with Jean Kovacs

Jean Kovacs

At Sterling Commerce, Kovacs is expanding the company’s reach through closer relationships with key partners – including AT&T, the company’s parent, and leading systems integrators. Kovacs also has been instrumental in elevating the company’s corporate marketing and communications efforts, ensuring the company is communicating a strong message to all its key constituents.
Kovacs has over 25 years experience directing technology companies. Before joining Sterling Commerce, she was president and CEO for Comergent, where she both drove the company’s overall strategy and oversaw the company’s daily operations. Comergent was acquired by Sterling Commerce in 2007. Prior to co-founding Comergent, she was co-founder and executive vice president of Qualix Group, where she was closely involved in the company's initial public offering.
Kovacs is also an active member of the San Francisco community, including her position as the chairman of the board of BUILD, and as host of the Kovacs Zoltan Memorial Chess Tournament. Ms. Kovacs holds a bachelor's degree from Northeastern University and a master's degree from Harvard University.

Interview Subject: Jean Kovacs
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Duration: 17:30
Interviewer(s): Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson, Lee Kennedy

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes