Interview with Emily Olson

Emily Olson

Emily is one of the co-founders of Foodzie, an online marketplace for small passionate food producers and growers. She heads up marketing, community management, and overall social media strategy for Foodzie. Part of her role is to bring a robust food community online and has done so through community tasting events and street team sampling promotions. She also keeps content flowing on the Foodzie blog, Twitter account, Flickr account, and Foodzie Facebook Fan Page to help facilitate community growth. She's also an alum of the 2008 class of TechStars, an early stage tech incubator program based out of Boulder, CO.

Previously to Foodzie, Emily worked for The Fresh Market, the third largest specialty food chain as their Private Label Brand Manager. She saw the flaws in the brick and mortar model for small food companies and believed that a marketplace online, gave them the tools they needed to connect directly with customers and share the stories that make them unique.

Interview Subject: Emily Olson
Release Date: June 29, 2009
Duration: 17:56
Interviewer(s): Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson, Lee Kennedy

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes