Interview with Ellen Siminoff

Ellen Siminoff

Ellen Siminoff is President and CEO of Shmoop University, an educational website. Shmoop’s goal is to make everyone a lover of literature, history, poetry, and writing.
Prior to Shmoop, she was President and CEO of Efficient Frontier, a pioneer of dynamic search engine marketing management services. She worked with the founders to evolve Efficient Frontier from a groundbreaking idea into the leading Search Engine Marketing agency in the world with business in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Prior to Efficient Frontier, Mrs. Siminoff had six adventurous years as a founding executive at Yahoo! During her tenure, she led business development (VP, Business Development and Planning), corporate development (SVP, Corporate Development) and eventually ran the small business and entertainment business units, representing approximately 25 percent of Yahoo’s revenue (SVP, Entertainment and Small Business). Before Yahoo! Mrs. Siminoff worked for the Los Angeles Times as electronic classifieds manager, where she developed strategy and implemented the newspaper’s own on-line businesses as well as a joint venture of Career Path with five newspaper companies. With her husband, David, Mrs. Siminoff also founded EastNet, a global syndicate barter company distributing television programming to 14 emerging market countries in exchange for advertising time.
Currently, she serves on the board of directors for US Auto Parts, Journal Communications, glu mobile, and SolarWinds. In 2005 she was one of eight industry professionals named "Masters of Information" by Forbes magazine. She is on the boards of directors and advisors of a number of private companies including and Mozilla Corporation. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, including Ad-Tech, Search Engine Strategies, and Supernova. She graduated Stanford's Graduate School of Business with an MBA in 1993 after having completed a summer in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers. Mrs. Siminoff worked as a human resources management consultant in New York after graduating from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in Economics.

Interview Subject: Ellen Siminoff
Release Date: June 1, 2009
Duration: 15:42
Interviewer(s): Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes