Interview with Brandy Alexander-Wimberly

Brandy Alexander-Wimberly

Brandy Alexander-Wimberly has been working professionally in digital marketing for many years. She has extensive experience working as a project manager at the agency level on interactive design and development projects and consulting with clients on digital marketing strategy. The idea for Buyvite sprang from her existing technical and marketing background, but also came from seeing a need that wasn’t necessarily being addressed in the most user friendly way. Brandy says she goes into every interactive project with the philosophy that form follows function. From the smallest website build to a large scale Fortune 500 intranet project, Brandy always wants to make sure that the UX is intuitive and easy to navigate. “I like to look at how something is currently designed for the user and think of ways to make it a more satisfying experience.” She has a B.A. in Film Studies from Bowling Green State University and a M.A. in Journalism from Columbia College of Chicago. You can contact her on Twitter @buyvite.



Interview Subject: Brandy Alexander-Wimberly
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Duration: 14:08
Interviewer(s): Lucy Sanders, Larry Nelson

Series: Entrepreneurial Heroes