AspireIT Partner Organizations: Make a Difference!

Interested in inspiring young women in grades K through 12 to become technology makers while empowering high school and college women to teach and mentor them? We actively work year round to identify groups like yours to become NCWIT AspireIT Partner Organization.

Requirements & Expectations:

  • Become an NCWIT Alliance Member.
  • Serve as the fiscal agent for any funds awarded. Note, NCWIT can only provide financial support to partnership with non-profit entities. For other groups, we can provide other resources and support such as SWAG, print resources, and evaluation.
  • Execute a Partnership Agreement with NCWIT. You can view a sample of this agreement here. This must be executed within 45 days of award.
  • Serve as a mentor to the AspireIT Leader to help ensure they meet all award requirements and have a successful program.

Unlike most funded initiatives, the AspireIT Partner Organization plays more of a secondary and support role. NCWIT expects the AspireIT Leader to prepare and submit the funding application - in consultation with the Partner, project manage the overall program, and serve as the lead instructor for the program.

To review the requirements and expectations for AspireIT Leaders, click here.

What will your organization get from the experience? Our AspireIT Partner Organizations tell us they participate because they can:

  • Increase young women’s confidence in their computing abilities.
  • Help young change agents develop valuable leadership skills.
  • Inspire future innovators.
  • Give back to their community by facilitating computing education locally.
  • Join other Partner organizations in changing the perspectives of computing for thousands of girls in communities nationwide.

Sounds AMAZING - how do I get involved?

Click here to find the current application and funding timeline.

  1. Visit our alliance pages for more information, to search if your organization/company is already a member, and find forms for registering. There is no cost for non-profit and academic institutes to join - and local/regional K-12 non-profit organizations are K-12 Associate Members.
  2. Go to the AspireIT Toolkit and review the Planning your AspireIT Program section. Here you will find the RFP with details about applying, and a copy of the application questions and budget template.
  3. Find an AspireIT Leader to work with.

    • Start by filling out this form to express your interest in being an AspireIT Partner Organization. Potential AspireIT Leaders can view this list to find you, and NCWIT will also use this to help connect you with a leader.

    • Check out the list of Leaders looking for Partner Organizations to work with here. We don’t give out leader emails directly, but email us (including the name of your organization) and we would be happy to connect you.

    • Do you work with women in college (undergraduate or graduate) who are majoring or minoring in a computer science related field? They can register to become members of our Aspirations in Computing Community, and then serve as the AspireIT Leader for your program

  4. Go to the AspireIT Toolkit, and work review the steps under How to Apply to understand how you will work with your AspireIT Leader to complete and submit the application.

Questions? Email the team at