Workforce Alliance

The NCWIT Workforce Alliance (WA) focuses on internal corporate culture change to promote more inclusive environments, build stronger technical teams, and enhance technical innovation.

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Get Started Today: Your Guide to Using NCWIT Resources for Industry

This NCWIT website navigation tool is an interactive version of the System Change Model for Industry designed to help NCWIT members align the many research-based resources we offer to specific strategic actions you are working on. Clicking on any component of the model will take you directly to a page describing potential actions within that category and the resources to support those actions. It also includes a simple list of all the resources in that category. The intention is to help you contextualize any one effort in any one area into a larger strategic framework for systemic change.

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Membership Benefits

In a recent member survey, 91% of WA respondents reported learning new ideas and transforming those ideas into action.

Benefits include:

  • guidance in applying research-based strategies to mitigate bias in systems, such as hiring, task assignment, performance evaluation, and promotion
  • opportunities for corporate volunteerism, outreach, and recruitment with the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Community, the largest network of its kind that includes more than 7,000 high school and college women nationwide
  • invitations to the annual NCWIT Summit, the world’s largest annual convening of change leaders focused on significantly improving diversity and inclusion in computing
  • continuous access to the latest research, resources, and business-critical data, as well as the opportunity to serve on resource committees and project teams to help NCWIT understand emergent trends and issues most important to change leaders

Membership Results

Workforce Alliance members achieve a wide range of outcomes, including an increased number of female interns and entry-level hires, a heightened awareness and positive reception of programs related to unconscious bias (including general awareness and operationalization of best practices to break down this bias), a growing involvement by men in company change efforts, and progress towards greater public accountability and data transparency.

WA members are also developing innovative new programs, such as alternative pathways to increase mid-career hires (e.g., return-to-work programs that help candidates move from non-tech to tech roles). Many members are also expanding their community outreach and employee volunteerism, resulting in a more diverse K-12 computing educational pipeline.

See the full list of Workforce Alliance members here.

More Information

Download the WA Information Sheet to learn more about member engagement and sponsorship opportunities with NCWIT.


Alliance Leadership

Catherine Ashcraft

Director of Research
University of Colorado Boulder

Brad McLain

Research Scientist
University of Colorado Boulder

Lucy Sanders

CEO and Co-founder
University of Colorado Boulder

Brandon N. White

Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliances Specialist

Cameron Fadjo

Workforce Alliance Co-chair
Computing Innovation Center (CIC)

Jackie Toole

Workforce Alliance Co-chair
Carlisle & Gallagher

Jodi Tims

Workforce Alliance Co-chair
Baldwin Wallace College