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In partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NCWIT, CRA has launched, a resource portal designed to amplify the NSF CISE Directorate’s efforts in broadening participation in computing (BPC).

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Foster diversity in introductory computer science courses with quality content and engaging pedagogy. Many things influence whether a student chooses to continue to study computer science. A key factor is being exposed to engaging curriculum that is both relevant and meaningful to a student’s life. And the first year courses are some of the most important since they establish a student’s attitudes toward the field and influence whether they will choose CS as a major. Find vetted course materials on EngageCSEdu.
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Extension Services (ES) consultants help academic computing departments build consensus and action from the inside out—customized practices for reimagining strategic recruitment, retention, and evaluation that change what’s possible and create a momentum of enthusiasm for long-term change.

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Postsecondary institutions looking to develop initiatives to recruit and retain women in computing can apply for funding through the NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund It provides start-up funds (up to $10,000 per project) for institutions looking to make lasting change in their communities for women interested in tech.

NCWIT academic awards honor computing faculty and departments that have demonstrated excellence in inclusive mentoring and change leadership.
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Faculty are making a difference in their introductory computer science classrooms through excellent and engaging curriculum. The NCWIT EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards recognize those who are contributing the best of the best to the EngageCSEdu collection.
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Around the country, postsecondary institutions are making great strides in improving the numbers of women students in computing majors. The NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Awards recognize the achievements of these outstanding departments.

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Mary Jean Harrold and David Notkin made outstanding research, graduate mentoring, and diversity contributions. This award was created in their honor and recognizes faculty members who combine outstanding research accomplishments with excellence in graduate mentoring, as well as those who advocate for recruiting, encouraging, and promoting women and minorities in computing fields at both a local and national level.

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Individual faculty mentors can play a key role in the educational experiences of undergraduates. The NCWIT Mentoring Award for Undergraduate Research (MAUR) recognizes faculty for their outstanding mentorship, high-quality research opportunities, recruitment of women and minority students, and efforts to encourage and advance undergraduates in computing-related fields.

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NCWIT hosts a moderated group email list, NCWIT-HigherEd, to support a year round “community of practice” for NCWIT Alliance member representatives.

The NCWIT-HigherEd group email list is: