Academic Alliance News

ACM Recognizes 2017 Fellows for Making Transformative Contributions and Advancing Technology in the Digital Age

December 20, 2017

2015 NCWIT URM Award Recipient and NCWIT Academic Alliance Advisory Board Member Margaret Burnett has been named ACM Fellow for her contributions to end-user software engineering, understanding gender biases in software, and broadening participation in computing.

Recognizing Great Intro CS Teaching: The 2017 NCWIT Engagement Excellence Awards

December 11, 2017

This December 2017 edition of ACM Inroads Magazine features the 2017 Engagement Excellence Award winners.

Computer Science Education Week: Going Beyond Code

December 6, 2017

Academic Alliance Affiliate Member Representative and Aspirations in Computing Volunteer Ben Shapiro talks about developing technology that enables middle-school students to quickly create networks, connect devices, invent apps and design wearable technology.

Colorado Colleges Overflowing With Huge Wave of Computer Science Students

November 28, 2017

Several Academic Alliance Member institutions, including Colorado School of Mines, CU Boulder, Purdue University, Stanford University, weigh in on the challenges of surging enrollment.