K-12 Alliance Members

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Online School for Girls

The Online School for Girls is both the first single-gender online school and the first independent online school in the world. The School is a consortium effort of over seventy of the best nationally and internationally known schools. Our schools share a commitment to girls’ education and have proven expertise in creating school environments for girls that, according to research, have resulted in higher academic achievement and self-confidence.
Eliza Griscom

OpenWorld Learning


OpenWorld Learning (OWL) is a Denver-based, independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that                                                                                                       supports children’s school success by tapping the power of digital technology and peer teaching                                                                                                        to developleadership and ignite a love of learning. OWL provides a fun and challenging after-school                                                                                  educational program centered on teaching advanced computer technology to Denver area students.                                                                                          We aim to offer equal opportunity by offering after-school and summer programs for Title I, 3rd – 8th                                                                                             graders that help them develop digital literacy skills. Our program is a fun and safe way for these students                                                                                         to learn computer technology through projects and peer teaching. We provide these students with real-world                                                                              learning opportunities they may otherwise not have access to, and our programs are proven to improve                                                                                    school attendance and standardized test scores, especially in math.