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NanoSatisfi provides a flexible space data platform with convenient and truly affordable (starting at $250) access to space for images, data, communication, exploration and gaming. Their mission is to provide convenient, affordable, on-demand access to satellites. To that end, they are developing a space-based application platform, comprised of an AVR/Arduino based computer in a CubeSat standard with a freely programmable micro-processor and 25 sensors.

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Networkaire hosts University of Texas students' private directory and offers resources tailored for students including a user-managed event calendar, a news feed with tailored articles tagged by major, private forums for class discussions, and a student-to-student eCommerce platform designed for transactions including tutoring, textbooks, sports tickets, graduation garb, and apartment subleasing.



 Nexed was co-founded by two teachers in Canada who saw a great need for change in the way we are educating our digital citizens. Its flagship product, Answerables, is a platform for social collaboration between teachers and students built inside a 3D video game and integrated with a custom Learning Management System. Currently, Answerables is in open-beta and free to download as Nexed grow their early adaptor user base and seek further investors and lead customers.

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Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound launched in 2009 and is the leading provider of online music analytics and insights. Its tagline is "actionable intelligence for the music industry," and the site (nextbigsound.com) measures the growth and popularity of bands across the major web properties. Next Big Sound merges billions of social music data points for hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of songs from the most relevant web properties with customers proprietary sales data. Next Big Sound is used by thousands of individual bands and managers as well as the biggest music labels and music distributors in the world.