Entrepreneurial Alliance Members

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Catalyte.io is a rapidly growing software services company which uses artificial intelligence to identify individuals, regardless of background, who have the innate potential and cognitive ability to be great software developers. Our hiring model and intensive onboarding process rapidly create teams that have high levels of production and quality. We develop a diverse and US-based tech workforce to help companies scale software innovation.

  • Nancy Chan


Artificial intelligence powered by behavioral science: Grounded in proven scientific theory and validated through millions of real-world data points, Cogito’s technology is helping create happier, healthier, more productive people.

  • Joe Moran


CoreOS is an open-source software company dedicated to pushing forward modern application infrastructure.  Our mission is to secure the internet by running the world's servers, using "self-driving" container infrastructure that can automatically update and patch itself. 

CoreOS produced some of the fundamental building blocks that made this sea change possible, with open source projects like Container Linux, etcd, and our contributions to the container orchestrator Kubernetes.  Our flagship commercial product, CoreOS Tectonic, delivers the promise of self-driving infrastructure to the world's largest enterprises.

  • Meghan Schofield