Entrepreneurial Alliance

NCWIT can give you tools to help you hire more technical women, retain them, and establish a successful company culture.

If you're a company with fewer than 100 employees, join the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance to capitalize on the benefits women can bring to your company. Get the research and practices you need to create and maintain an inclusive technical culture, right from the start. See the full list of members here.

Entrepreneurial Alliance member benefits include:

  • Resources for effective recruitment, retention, and advancement of technical women.
  • Tips for establishing and maintaining positive company culture during rapid growth.
  • Access to a national female talent pipeline and opportunities to promote job openings.
  • Opportunities to connect with large corporations and universities, such as the NCWIT Summit or other collaborative projects.
  • National visibility and access other entrepreneurial initiatives, such as Startup America Partnership. 

Join the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance.

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Alliance Leadership

Jill Reckie

Program Director

Josh Ashton


Sabrina McGrail