Entrepreneurial Alliance

Members of the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance (EA) build inclusive technical cultures, increase gender diversity, and develop research-based strategies for recruiting and advancing technical women. This focus is especially important during a company’s early stages when innovation is critical, executive teams form, and core values are established.

In 2010, NCWIT launched its EA for small and growing companies. NCWIT is now reaching even more early stage companies through Channel Partnerships with accelerators and incubators, and a new regional presence in several major cities. See the full list of members here.

See What the Research Says

Startups can benefit from increased contributions of women as founders, collaborators, and creators of new technologies. Companies with intentional culture and gender-diverse teams:

  • perform better financially, particularly when women occupy a significant proportion of top management positions
  • demonstrate superior team dynamics and productivity
  • produce work teams that stay on schedule and under budget
  • demonstrate improved employee performance

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Is your company an accelerator, incubator, or co-sharing organization? Is your company in the seed stage or growth phase? Download the EA Info Sheet to find out about the different ways that NCWIT can help.

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Alliance Leadership

Jill Reckie

Program Director
University of Colorado Boulder

Brandon N. White

Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliances Specialist