Affinity Alliance

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Organizations that share NCWIT's mission to bring more voices to the table but do not employ or educate technical women directly can join the Affinity Alliance. The Affinity Alliance gives members unprecedented new connections, resources, solutions, and support to increase the possibilities for women in technology.

Who we are

The work of changing cultures to ensure all technical voices can be heard is done not only in the workplace and the school, but by organizations who support technical women and girls directly. These change leader organizations connect to NCWIT and each other through the Affinity Alliance. Together, these members magnify and multiply their impact by putting NCWIT resources into action and by publicizing their own work and the work of other members of the NCWIT Community.

Getting involved

Membership has profound and lasting advantages: a regular exchange of knowledge, information, and solutions that inform, motivate, and inspire - a continuum of personal contacts that works to inspire and motive members. Join us to:

  • Equip communities with research-based resources for action.
  • Unite with the national computing community in national campaigns and events, such as Sit With Me and CSEdWeek.
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of NCWIT nationwide with e-newsletters and social media.
  • Be a voice in local volunteer efforts with NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Affiliate Award program.
  • Make conference presentations using NCWIT2GO resources.

Be heard. Join now. Fill out the NCWIT Affinity Alliance membership form.