Laura Dinsmoor


Activity Date 
December 13, 2014
Target Completion Date 
December 13, 2014
Goal statement 
Work with outside organizations such as Girl Scouts, to let them manage the advertising, registration, etc. of your outreach event to greatly reduce your workload, and hold more events during the school year.


Oakland University
Computer Science and Engineering
Rochester Hills
Activity Description 

Every year you come home from the Summit, inspired and excited about reaching out to your local community to recruit more young girls into Computer Science, but when you return to your office, your research, your classes, your papers, and your life, all of those ideas are put on the back burner. You feel overwhelmed on how you can advertise, register, and organize events to show girls why and how CS can be in their future.

If you want to hold an hour event, a day-long event, or visit a school, call your local Girl Scout council and let them do all the work for you. They can help with:

  • Advertising – They will advertise it in the schedule of council events for the year.

  • Registration – They already have a formal process in place to register girls for events. They have established rules in place to maintain the proper adult to child ratio, photo release forms, etc. On the day of the event, they may even provide people to register the girls as they arrive. With my council (Girl Scouts of South Eastern Michigan) they charge the girls a small fee. This ensures the girls actually show up, and the girls are provided with a badge and other goodies from Girl Scouts.

  • Evaluation – Girls Scouts may run the evaluation after the program for you.

  • Volunteers – For larger events I typically recruit students from my university to help out because they are always looking for ways to get volunteer hours. Girl Scouts work with other groups like Society of Women Engineers, (who also look for volunteer hours), and they find me women from engineering and computer science fields to volunteer. This means the K-12 girls can see and talk with both college women, and women from the STEM field during the event. Other potential groups to contact would be Society of Women Engineers, ACM, IEEE, and local FIRST Robotics High School teams. If these teams want to win the large FIRST awards they need to demonstrate outreach so they are willing to help you out.

Progress On Activity 
Lessons Learned 
By working with Girl Scouts, local FIRST Robotics groups, and Society of Women Engineers I've been able to hold more outreach projects than I imagined. Girl Scouts have already called me to start planning our 2015/2016 school year events.
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness