Lakshmi Iyer


Activity Date 
September 6, 2015
Target Completion Date 
December 6, 2015
Goal statement 
The program specifically aims to equip female students to gain interest in IS through: (1) hands-on projects impacting a social context (2) mentoring and networking with IS/IT professionals and area non-profit organizations, (3) mentoring/socializing with near peers in IS/IT. The specific goals are to: 1. Increase recruitment of female students in IS/IT programs as their major from the pool of undecided majors 2. Increase recruitment and retention of female students (in IS majors and/or those considering it), via empowering them to succeed in IS/IT discipline through programming skills pertaining to application development 3. Increase retention of female students by providing mentoring and networking support, creating near-peer groups, and role models of women leading in IT.


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
North Carolina
Activity Description 
The program had the following elements: 1. Programming Labs: Students will work in pairs as they will be given instructions on programming skills, logic and on the ability to synthesize programming skills with creativity and teamwork to a project addressing a social challenge. 2. IT Roundtable: To enhance students’ understanding of various professions/jobs/roles in IS/IT professionals from academia and industry along with the near peers will be invited to engage with the students via presentations and/or informal discussions. 3. Succeeding in IS: Informal information sessions with undergraduate and graduate students in the IS/IT program in sharing their roadmap to successfully navigating the IS program as a major/minor, career choices, etc. This is designed to create a sociable environment to help expand students’ peer IT network. 4. We also offered a $mart $tart, Salary negotiation program in collaboration with American Association of University Women
Progress On Activity 
The project was successfully completed in Fall 2016 (as discussed with Kim, we had to move it from Summer due to lack of students availability). At UNCG, we are continuing this program this Fall.
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness