Karl Schmitt


Activity Date 
March 16, 2016
Target Completion Date 
June 20, 2016
Goal statement 
To raise awareness about stereotype threat and provide strategies to reduce or eliminate it in the classrooms, informal mentoring and workplace both on and off Valparaiso University's campus.


Valparaiso University
Computer and Information Sciences
Karl Schmitt
Activity Description 
We targeted two different audiences: (1) faculty and staff, (2) students and community members. For faculty and staff we sponsored a professional lecture, developmental workshops and follow-up discussions. For students and the general community, which were a secondary audience, we held a general lecture with follow-up discussions.
Lessons Learned 
By having a series of lectures, workshops, and then subsequent discussions with students, faculty, and staff over the following two months we were able to significantly deepen the thought around an important idea.
Even though the primary target of our program was faculty and staff, we had student leadership which proved immensely valuable in reaching faculty/staff and persuading them to participate. If the subject of your event is relevant to students, even if it’s not focused on them, consider including student leaders.
Developing meaningful pre/post assessments, and getting them ready in time, can be a big challenge on a small/short project. Consider simply using outside resources, or having absolutely minimal assessments related to that. (Our project had <2 months to develop everything).
Goal tag(s) 
Organizational Change
Reducing Unconscious Bias
Raising Awareness