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Lynda Louis Recruit and Retain

In progressLynda Louis


October 1, 2013May 1, 2014
In the upcoming years I will commit to distribute NCWIT materials and resources to local junior and senior high schools (up to 4) & 2 community colleges in the area. Through dissemination of these resources, we hope to inform girls & counselors of opportunities in CS & hopefully steer them to Dillard University.


Dillard University
STEM/Computer Science Program
New Orleans

Involve our CS faculty & female CS majors in identifying the 4 schools. Set up meetings with school administration & appointments to meet with the young ladies at the junior high schools and senior high schools. Set up a meeting with CS instructors of community college.

We are still planning this activity. Due to obstacles encountered we were not able to complete in the 13-14 academic year. We were limited to only 3 female majors and timing never worked to engage them with this activity. I was able to introduce the resources to the local chapter on the L.I.N.K.S organization who was proposing a partnership with Dillard STEM to speak at weekend activities with high school students. Will continue to pursue both activities in 2014-15. Need more students who can commit!RecruitingRetainingRaising Awareness