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Increase the Female Enrollment in CIS

In progressKathryn Moland


May 3, 2010
Increase the number of women in our CIS program by 50%. Once in the program we do graduate them. But only a few graduate because only only a few select CIS major as a major. We have about 14 females.


Livingstone College
Computer Information Systems
North Carolina

Seed Fund Round 9
Student Seed Fund

We have seen the number of women selecting CIS remain steady (not increasing). As a result of Symantec Seed Fund of $750.00 awarded in 2013, we started Females in Technology (FiT). This spring (2014) FiT members facilitated Java programming instruction to middle school girls. These middle school girls on two Saturdays a month attended Java instruction at Livingstone College. The Java programming modules were developed in 2013 as part of our STARS Alliance and delivered as part of FiT and the Seed Fund. There were a total of eight (8) middle school girls that participated and four Livingstone College FiT members who assisted with the content delivery. One of the FiT members who will be attending graduate school in the fall 2014 is considering academics as a profession as a result of her experience teaching Java.RecruitingOutreachAdvising/CounselingRaising Awareness