In progress
Shira Lynn Broschat


Activity Date 
October 15, 2015
Target Completion Date 
December 31, 2021
Goal statement 
Generate interest in computing for female high school students


Washington State University
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Activity Description 
During my AiC visits, I realized that many high school students in Eastern Washington don't really know what computer science is or what a career in computer science might be like. One very open high school principal wondered whether he could visit WSU with some of his best female students. This was the start of the EECS High School Partnership Program that we're building. We're hoping to have female students from a total of 10 high schools within a 2.5-hour driving range come to the WSU campus annually. They would spend 4 hours on campus doing various activities, including a meet-and-greet; a tour of the EECS facilities; playing with robots in the robotics labs; learning about computing club and research activities; having lunch with female college students while learning about these students, how and why they got into computing, what their plans are, and asking them questions, and after lunch doing a "speed dating" event on a specific topic with these students in groups; and finally ending the visit with a 1-hour hands-on programming event.
Progress On Activity 
Our first high school visit occurred on Jan. 29th with 17 female students. Our second visit occurred on Apr. 15th with 17 more students. We hope to have more visits next fall.
Lessons Learned 
Both visits were very successful. We learned on the first visit that we needed to include a meet-and-greet. We also introduced some small prizes for the second visit. Finally, the capacity for each visit is 25, and we learned that we should probably "overbook" because there will always be students who will cancel at the last minute or not show up.
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness