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Create smooth transitions and interesting contexts for CS students

In progressDoug Blank


November 19, 2013November 19, 2017
Create materials for students to use to easily transition into CS1, and beyond. Materials should including interesting contexts, such as robots and art, to attract them to authentic and stimulating topics.


Bryn Mawr College
Computer Science
Bryn Mawr

We have developed software that allows multiple languages to use robots with cameras, and make interesting art, animations, and games.

One of the first lessons that we have learned is that robots can be engaging for women in a first-year college CS course. We weren't sure this would be the case. However, we this may depend on careful design of the software and hardware. See for more details.RecruitingRetaining


What kinds of art, animations and games did the students make?

What type of robots did you use?

We use the Scribbler robot and a addon board sold by You can see more about the project at

The students made all kinds of art and animations. Here is a sampling of ideas:

This looks very interesting. Was this part of a transition class? or did it run as a workshop?