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Changing the Face of Technology!

Completed!Cheryl Swanier


December 6, 2013December 31, 2014
In a concerted effort to broaden participation in computer science, a presentation was given to the Freshman Class at Fort Valley State University about why they should major in computer science.


Fort Valley State University
Mathematics and Computer Science
Fort Valley

In an effort to recruit, retain, and release students in computer science at Fort Valley State University, a few computer science students and I decided to give an exciting presentation about “Changing the Face of Technology.” Approximately, 245 students participated in this forum as we shared with the freshmen orientation class why computer science needs them and why they should either major or minor in computer science. The students who presented were able to talk about their research and internship experiences.

As a result of the presentation, several students are considering majoring or minoring in computer science. Actually, one student changed their major from political science to computer science.We should continue to present more forums to the students, not just to freshmen, but also to other students on a constant basis. In addition, we should stay in contact with those students who shared an interest in majoring or minoring in computer science.RecruitingRetainingAdvising/Counseling