Tracey Lanham


Activity Date 
May 3, 2014
Target Completion Date 
May 3, 2014
Goal statement 
To utilize paired programming techniques with teaching mother/daughter pairs and big sister/little sister pairs the constructs of programming with the Scratch program.


Hodges University's WITH US (Women in Technology, Hodges University Students) Group
Fisher School of Technology
Fort Myers
Activity Description 

We used the Scratch program to deliver a unique paired programming experience for mothers, daughters, and sisters. Providing workbooks of activities, we challenged the participants to learn basic functionality of the Scratch program and then apply the skill sets they learned to build a unique program that solved a problem within their life or community. Allowing the participants time to work through a set of standard skills activities gave them the confidence they needed to embrace the end project where they needed to apply critical thinking skills in addition to their newly learned programming skills. Pairing the participants with family members gave them quality time to spend together working on a mutual project with the expectation that they would encourage each other to get involved with additional programming activities after the lunch and learn.

Progress On Activity 
We received great feedback from this activity! We will launch a similar experience in the fall.
Lessons Learned 
Generating projects that work well with paired programming venues allows the participants to feel more comfortable with the skills that they are learning. When activities do not go as expected, they have an additional set of eyes and alternate ideas of how to correct the problems. Having family members work together provides a strong bond and allows them to explore additional activities together when they are home.
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness