In progress
Shira Lynn Broschat


Activity Date 
August 31, 2015
Target Completion Date 
December 31, 2021
Goal statement 
My goal is to expand the AiC program to the nineteen counties in Eastern Washington, which has about 150 high schools.


Washington State University
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Activity Description 
Form the Eastern Washington Affiliate of the Aspirations in Computing Awards program for female high school students and encourage all eligible students to apply for the program. Visit as many high schools as possible in order of the population densities: Spokane County in 2015, the Tri-Cities area in 2016, Yakima in 2017, and so on. Send email information to all high schools and publicize in other ways as identified. Organize annual award ceremony and banquet and raise funds for this and for awards. Also solicit companies for monetary and swag contributions.
Progress On Activity 
Our committee was formed and the first year of the formation of the Eastern Washington Affiliate went well. We had a total of 18 applicants, but only 11 applicants met all the requirements. Of these 8 were chosen for awards, 4 as winners and 4 as runners-up. I was able to visit 18 high schools, although I looked for several others, but they didn't seem to exist. Most of these were in Spokane County. I made several good contacts, and this has resulted in a new program called the EECS High School Partnership Program. I also sent email information (the electronic form of the application information) to 123 high schools. We held our first Awards Ceremony and Banquet on March 22, 2016, and it was successful. Many local sponsors contributed swag, and the girls seemed to enjoy the hoopla.
Lessons Learned 
Start early!
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness