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Gloria Townsend


Activity Date 
November 3, 2016
Target Completion Date 
December 31, 2018
Goal statement 
In 2006, DePauw became the first small liberal arts school to join the Academic Alliance. Ten short years later, we have netted new female computer science majors, using a large array of promising practices – many inspired by NCWIT's research publications. One DePauw example is our Content Preview through which we invite every first-year women to an event where female computer science majors work one-on-one with attendees (who have no programming experience) to lead the younger students to complete the first laboratory in Computer Science I. A second example concerns our extremely active ACM-W Chapter, where women recently gave poster and lightning talk presentations at the Indiana Celebration of Women in Computing. In 2006, we awarded 15% of our (BA) computer science degrees to female seniors. In 2017, we will graduate 47% (or 30) women. Our goal is to retain at least a 40% graduation rate for women in computing.


DePauw University
Computer Science
Activity Description 
The goals pitch above lists two activities: The Content Preview and attending ACM Celebrations. A third activity is "CS1 Half-Time Entertainment". We know that CS1 can often fail to show students their futures in computing. To combat this problem, we invite older students (majority is female) to give a 2-3 minute talk (during CS1 classes) about research, internships, Senior Projects, job interviewing, and additional topics. The students serve as role models and agents who can provide accurate information about student futures.
Lessons Learned 
We began looking at our MEN. We believe that their are special conditions at DePauw that supply our women with male allies. We are eager to have NCWIT's help in designing a survey to administer to our men.
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