In progress
Leslie Spivey


Activity Date 
January 1, 2017
Target Completion Date 
May 18, 2020
Goal statement 
Increase enrollment in the CS Department Programming degree programs by 20%, while increasing our female population enrolled in the CS Programming degree to 20%, by 2020. The overall college gender ratio is between 55-58% female, we are finding that the majority of the potential female student pool are choosing Nursing or Business. While the Business majors do enroll in our CS0 course, very few of them continue on to take another course.


Edison State Community College
Computer Information Tech
Activity Description 
I and the other members of my department will travel to our local high school and career technical academies to meet with students who are already in a program that expresses an interest in CS. While there we will also distribute materials to the high school advisors/teachers and educate them in the many programs that our college has to offer. I will also contact the Enrollment Services Department, regarding the Open Houses scheduled for the Summer and those that happen right before the Fall term begins. We will also then use one or a hybrid of one of the surveys-in-a-box, as a survey of enrolled students to find out how our students are coming to our classes and find out which activities are the most effective. We will also conduct an end-of-term survey in order to ascertain how many of the students in the classes intend to take another CS course.
Progress On Activity 
I traveled to three of the major contributing high schools during the spring term of this year to speak to the Junior and Senior classes and help put a name/face on the department. I also helped those who had applied and been accepted to the college to fill out a scheduling sheet which they could take with them to our Registration Department, with their parents to get started with the correct classes in their first semester. This also helps to introduce them to the individual who will be their Program Advisor at the college and begin to form that relationship.
Goal tag(s) 
Raising Awareness