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    Not yet started
    Tina Ostrander


    Activity Date 
    July 1, 2017
    Target Completion Date 
    September 1, 2017
    Goal statement 
    I propose to give computing students the opportunity to apply their technical skills toward building software for a non-profit organization, in order to increase the relevance of the material and therefore their commitment to the discipline, as well as provide an opportunity for collaboration and communication.


    Green River College
    IT - Software Development
    Activity Description 

    We propose to partner with a local non-profit organization in an introductory Web programming course, IT 305 -- Web Development Frameworks. The course is offered at the beginning of the students' Bachelor's Degree program, in the first quarter of their third year. In the course, students will design and build data-driven websites for an organization that makes a difference in the community. The customer will visit the class so that students will have an opportunity to learn about the organization, ask questions, and receive feedback on their work. Students will apply their theoretical learning to a real project with a socially relevant focus.

    Not only will this project provide students with the opportunity to engage in relevant and meaningful work, and see firsthand how technology can be used to solve real world problems and have an impact, but it will also provide students with an opportunity to collaborate extensively with their peers, the non-profit client, and the course instructor.

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    Organization Type 
    Bachelor's and master's degrees only