2020 Mentoring Award for Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to the 2020 NCWIT Mentoring Award for Undergraduate Research recipients! 

  • Donghee Yvette Wohn, Junior Faculty member (Assistant or Lecturer rank—6 years or less) of research-track at PhD granting university
    Assistant Professor of Informatics, New Jersey Institute of Technology

    As the director of the Social Interaction Lab, Dr. Wohn successfully recruited and worked with 59 undergraduate researchers on projects related to human-computer interaction. Almost half of these students have been women. As a result of working with Dr. Wohn, undergraduate students have been co-authors on ten peer-reviewed publications, four of which listed an undergraduate student as the lead author. Students have also attended numerous academic conferences to present research they did in her lab.

  • Susan Rodger, Senior faculty member (Professor, Associate or Lecturer rank—more than 6 years) at Associate, BS, or MS granting university or teaching-track faculty at PhD granting university
    Professor of Practice in the Computer Science Department, Duke University

    Since 1990, Dr. Rodger has supervised 93 undergraduates in research, 36 of whom have been women. For the past 15 years, she has organized a weekly research seminar series for Computer Science undergraduates doing research in the summer. Research topics Dr. Rodger’s students have worked on include the development and evaluation of ways to integrate computing education into K-12 curricula and ways to visualize theoretical computer science concepts, in particular automata theory and grammars.

  • Dave Levin, Junior Faculty member (Assistant or Lecturer rank—6 years or less) of research-track at PhD granting university
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland

    Dr. Levin is committed to creating opportunities for undergraduates to gain experience with research so that they can explore whether a research career is right for them. Recognizing that many undergraduates lack awareness of what computing research entails and the benefits it can offer, Dr. Levin reaches out to students through an "Introduction to Research" course and an all-women Tech+Research hackathon. He established Breakerspace, an undergraduate research lab, to help scale research opportunities for students.

  • Lenore Cowen, Senior faculty member (Professor or Associate rank—more than 6 years) of research-track at PhD granting university
    Professor in the Computer Science Department, Tufts University

    Many of Dr. Cowen’s 21 undergraduate research advisees have gone on to top graduate programs in computer science, including MIT, Brown, Princeton, University of Washington, and Rice. She has served as a mentor four times for the Computing Research Association’s Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates (DREU) program, which matches undergraduate women with women faculty for a summer research experience. Three of these projects resulted in published papers, co-authored by the student(s).