2018 NCWIT Summit Change Leader Scholar Application

The annual NCWIT Summit convenes Change Leaders (women and men) from more than 1,100 member organizations.  The Summit provides leading-edge research and practices for recruiting, retaining, and raising awareness about girls and women in technology; opportunities to connect and collaborate in programs and workshops; and engaging speakers who offer research, inspiration, and encouragement. In addition to representatives from schools, organizations and agencies across the K-16 pipeline, our audience is comprised of prominent social scientists and computing executives from more than 80 major corporations, corporate foundations and startups.

This year, NCWIT has created an opportunity for a limited number of college students (18 years of age or older) to attend the Summit as Change Leader Scholars. These individuals are students who are interested in becoming, or already are, Change Leaders for diversity in tech within their own communities. Students who are selected to participate in the Summit will not be required to pay a conference registration fee, but will need to provide their own travel funds.