2015 STEM-CP: CE21 PI Meeting

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As co-host of the STEM-CP: Computing Education for the 21st Century PI Meeting is under the umbrella of the University of Colorado (CU) and thus follows State of Colorado travel procedures. CU requires ORIGINAL, ITEMIZED receipts. To be reimbursed for an expense, you MUST submit original receipts showing proof of credit card payment (with a balance of zero) and itemized detail of purchases. 

Use this reimbursement request form to receive reimbursement.

All reimbursement materials are to be mailed to:

Attn: CE21 Reimbursement
c/o NCWIT University of Colorado at Boulder
Campus Box 322
Boulder, CO 80309-0322

Reimbursable expenses include:

  • Parking at your hotel and/or home airport
  • Mileage (at $0.50/mi) to and from the airport - NOTE: Mileage covers cost of gas and normal wear on your vehicle. You cannot request separate reimbursement for gas for your personal vehicle.
  • Transportation between airport and hotel, e.g. taxis, trains, or public transportation
  • Meals - any meals not provided during the meeting shall be reimbursed based on the per diem rates for Baltimore, MD as documented on www.gsa.gov. Original, itemized receipts for all meals claimed on your reimbursement request form are REQUIRED. Alcohol is NOT reimbursable.  
  • Lodging for two nights at the conference hotel rate of $118, plus applicable state and local taxes - Your hotel receipt must show a zero or paid balance and the name of the traveler being reimbursed.
  • Airfare, economy fare only. Your receipt must show your itinerary, cost, and method of payment, email confirmations without this information will not be accepted.

Additional Policies:

  • Your reimbursement request form and all receipts must be mailed/post-marked within 2 weeks of the end date of travel.
  • We cannot reimburse a traveler's employer; we can only reimburse the traveler.
  • DO NOT pay for another traveler's airfare, meals, etc. Receipts must be specific to the individual traveler requesting reimbursement.
  • The form must be signed at the bottom left signature line (e.g. "Payee Signature").
  • Additional hotel nights REQUIRE advance approval, please contact us for information.
  • Lodging will only be reimbursed at the conference rate of $118 plus applicable state and local taxes.
  • International Travel - If you're coming from a Visa-Waiver country, you will need to get a WB stamp in your passport. If you're coming from a non-Visa-Waiver country, please get a B-1 stamp in your passport. Tell the customs entry officer that you are attending a conference for business, and stress that you are not in the country for work or vacation. Reimbursements for international travel may be taxable depending on your level of participation. Additional forms are required for international reimbursement, please contact us for more information.
  • Please tape all receipts to a separate sheet of paper (one side only, multiple receipts per page are ok) and clip to your reimbursement form.