NCWIT Extension Services Client Recognition Awards

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NCWIT’s Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs (ES-UP) provides customized consultation to academic departments to help them improve their strategic recruitment and retention of women students in their majors. To date, ES-UP has worked with departments of computing and engineering in over 40 universities and colleges.

To recognize the achievements of these outstanding departments, NCWIT has established a Client Recognition Program consisting of a series of competitive awards. These awards are generously funded by Google and will be awarded annually. Nominations for the inaugural awards will open the fall of 2014 and the awards will be announced at NCWIT’s annual Summit in May 2015.

With the ES-UP Client Recognition Program we celebrate past and present ES-UP clients for excellence in recruiting and retaining women in computing education. The awards reflect and reward practices that NCWIT recognizes as having the most significant impact on our long-term goal of increasing the number of women in information technology and other computing-related fields. Winning departments will be those that show significant positive outcomes in women’s enrollment and graduation rates, and have excellent potential for building on these gains.

Look for the call for nominations this fall!

For more information about the NCWIT Extension Services and the Extension Services Recognition Awards, contact the ES-UP Program Manager, Emmy Soyka.

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People Involved: 

Lucy Sanders

CEO and Co-founder

Beth Quinn

Director of Extension Services

Emmy Soyka

Extension Services Program Manager

Lecia Barker

Senior Researcher
University of Texas

Joanne M. Cohoon

Senior Researcher
University of Virginia

Leisa Thompson

Extension Services Director of Research & Consulting