Jameela Belyeu Pickens

Affinity Group Alliance Program Manager


Jameela serves as the program manager for the Affinity Group Alliance (AGA).  In this role, Jameela is focused on growing and maximizing the impact of the AGA through developing and managing AGA related programs and projects, and working with a team of member representatives from numerous organizations across the nation to advance women in computing.

Before joining NCWIT, Jameela worked at a top utility company where she progressed from an electrical system engineer managing large-scale projects to a leadership development role working in the executive vice president’s office.  She brings extensive experience working with STEM initiatives such as coordinating a high school STEM program that mentored and educated high school students on STEM careers, and working with a girls in engineering program designed for middle school girls.

Jameela has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.