Tiffany Grady, Assistant Director for Academic Initiatives

Tiffany Grady


In-reach means looking more closely at the women already on campus and those already working in your company to recruit from the inside. Women already connected to your organization can be motivated to study CS / IT majors or take on variety of technical corporate jobs when they receive direct motivation to do so.

Outreach and programs that target middle and high school girls are important because they engage girls before they lose interest or decide to pursue other fields. Programs such as the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing and Dot Diva provide encouragement, inspiration, and community to young women that can influence career decisions.

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University of Texas - Austin
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The Department of Computer Science at UT-Austin set a goal to increase the number of women entering the computer science undergraduate program and, through carefully targeted steps In 2011, we requested 40 slots for focused recruiting; in 2012, we doubled the number of women admitted. We intend to recruit and retain an increased number of women into our 2013-2014 freshman class this year. This year, a number of female students who attended our First Bytes camp were accepted to the department for 2013-2014. This year, we invited all accepted students to a recruiting event and we hosted a special lunch for the women.  We are holding a boot camp this summer for incoming students to help them get ahead with regards to programming and calculus as part of our retention efforts. We also offer scholarships sponsored by the National Science Foundation to many of our incoming female freshmen, as well as scholarships for winners of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing. Each of these efforts has impacted our success. 

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