Jobs with NCWIT

NCWIT is currently looking for two part-time contractors and one full-time research associate. See below.

(1) Program Evaluator/Data Analyst (P-T Contract Position)

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), a national non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado, seeks a professional evaluator to supplement the current evaluation team. This is a part-time contract position. Hours will vary depending on project assigned.

NCWIT works to increase women's meaningful participation in technology and computing by leveraging the efforts of organizations across the country through sharing research- and evidence-based practices for recruiting, retaining and advancing girls and women in computing. These NCWIT resources and the various programs in place to spread awareness and increase female participation are all evaluated by the NCWIT evaluation team.

This contract position will work within the existing evaluation structure for NCWIT resources, programs, social media and the website, and provide additional evaluation structure in keeping with NCWIT’s mission and overall evaluation plan. Evaluation findings will be used to improve NCWIT programs and resources and inform the organization’s strategies. Along with other members of the social science team, this position helps to keep the entire organization data-focused. Tasks will include (but will not be limited to):

  • Adhere to the evaluation plan for each project
  • Collect both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Track data in keeping with the evaluation plan for each project
  • Analyze both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Work closely with NCWIT program staff and collaborators to ensure evaluation data is collected and incorporated into program improvement
  • Interact professionally with collaborators and NCWIT staff
  • Provide regular reports to NCWIT Director of Evaluation

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:

  • At least 3-5 years of evaluation experience
  • Formal training in evaluation (or equivalent job-based experience)
  • Background in education, organizational change, social sciences or other related field
  • Comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficiency in mixed methods approaches, including surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • Advanced skills in MS Office software and various sharing platforms (e.g., Google docs, DropBox, etc.)
  • Intermediate to advanced skills  in statistical analysis
  • Proficiency and independence using both quantitative and qualitative analysis software (preferably SPSS and NVivo)
  • Familiarity with culturally sensitive approaches to evaluation
  • Proven success in planning, prioritization, organization and self-direction
  • Professional interpersonal skills (strong verbal and written communications)
  • Superb analytical skills
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Commitment to gender equity issues a plus

The ideal candidate is located in the Denver metro area. Contract hourly range commensurate with experience and project funding: $37-50/hour.

To Apply please submit a resume and cover letter via email to

(2) Regional Affiliate Manager (P-T Contract Position)

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing program is seeking a Regional Affiliate Manager (RAM) to work with the growing network of local Aspirations in Computing Affiliates. Currently, there are 62 local Affiliates recognizing young women from all 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  This is a support and facilitation role, focusing on customer service and volunteer management; all of which take place primarily by phone/email/webinars.


  • Provide consulting services to assigned Affiliates in the following areas:

     - Mentoring: consultations with Affiliate coordinators and other volunteers

     - Recruitment: effective ways to recruit volunteers for reviewing award applications and for participation in the award events

     - Speakers: strategies for finding appropriate speakers for the award events

     - Sponsorship: strategies for procuring sponsorship and prizes for the award events

  • Know the Aspirations toolkit and portal and advise/mentor Affiliates on its use
  • Monitor Affiliate progress and step in as needed
  • Ensure Affiliate websites are up to date with accurate contact information and information about the award event as it becomes available
  • Troubleshoot obstacles and alert NCWIT staff
  • Attend regular teleconference meetings with Affiliates, Regional Affiliate Managers, and the national NCWIT staff
  • Provide status updates to the national NCWIT staff
  • Ensure all Affiliate event paperwork and reporting is completed and submitted to NCWIT in a timely manner
  • Ensure complete documentation of all individuals involved with each assigned Affiliate, including volunteer registration and volunteer release forms.
  • Ensure complete documentation of all organizations involved with each assigned Affiliate
  • Answer Affiliate questions regarding award process and portal functionality
  • Understand the award process including promotion, application, endorsement, review, selection, notification and award event planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Consult with assigned Affiliates on best practices for reaching schools, educators and young women in underserved, rural, and low-income areas of their regions
  • Ensure Affiliate award events follow the standards set by the national NCWIT staff

Timeline & Duties

  • Aug – Sept: Affiliate Recruiting Consult with interested members to build and organize regional Affiliate teams, collect completed Affiliate applications, and set up Affiliate web pages.
  • Sept – Oct: Publicity/Recruiting Provide consultation services for Affiliate teams as they recruit applicants, publicize the award opportunity, reach out to schools and community organizations. Monitor application progress of Affiliates.
  • Nov – Jan: Judging & Selection Work with assigned Affiliates to complete the winner/runner-up selection process and notify the award recipients.
  • Jan – May: Award Events Provide consultation services for Affiliate coordinators as they plan their event. Consultation activities may include any of the following activities: securing a location, planning for catering, securing a photographer, creating programs and a slide show, procuring prizes and other swag for the winners, ordering trophies, ensuring girls complete the event survey, prepping speakers with NCWIT guidelines, etc. Ensure that there are bios for each award recipient at the event and on the Aspirations portal.
  • Jan – May: Publicity Provide consultation services for assigned Affiliates as they build a region-wide media contact list and seek both pre-and post-event publicity, and as they drive publicity for the program and the individual students (e.g. sending press releases out regarding each winner to her community media, working with host organizations and sponsor media offices to do collaborative PR). Ensure publicity kit is emailed to each award winner’s school. Document all media contacts and provide a useable list for each Affiliate.
  • Feb – June: Reporting/Data Collection Submit reports to NCWIT with a detailed summary of each assigned Affiliate event, photos from the event, budgets, event blog, and surveys from award winners and other attendees.
  • June – July: Sustainability Work with assigned Affiliates to prepare for the following year including team debriefing, outcomes sharing (survey results, stories), sponsor recognition, and team building.

Necessary Skills:

This position requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills. Applicant must have the following:

  • Passion for gender equity in technology
  • Extensive experience working with and facilitating volunteers and volunteer teams
  • Project management experience
  • Ability to coordinate with NCWIT staff members, other consultants, Affiliate teams and sponsors
  • Ability to coordinate under pressure of deadlines
  • Flexibility and ability to quickly respond to change in direction
  • High comfort level with working on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment
  • Advanced skills in MS Office software and various sharing platforms (e.g., Google docs, DropBox, etc.)
  • Proven success in planning, prioritization, organization and attention to detail
  • Professional interpersonal skills (excellent verbal and written communications)
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Proven ability in self-direction
  • Willingness to travel to attend Affiliate events, if necessary

Contract Terms: $3000 per month October 2014 through June 30, 2015, (Maximum of 30 hours per week)

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter detailing your interest and experience to

(3) Research Association (Full-time Staff Position)

The National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) seeks a Research Associate (“Research Scientist”). This position involves working with a team of NCWIT social scientists to identify gaps in existing research; conduct original research related to gender, technology, and organizations; and translate that research into practical resources for implementation in corporate contexts. The position will also work on corporate reform initiatives, delivering presentations to and consulting with NCWIT Workforce Alliance companies.

Specific Job Responsibilities 

  • Assist in identifying gaps in existing research and opportunities for addressing these gaps
  • Participate in cutting-edge research projects related to gender, technology and corporate contexts
  • Present findings (e.g., keynotes, workshops) to a diverse array of academic, industry, and lay audiences
  • Collaborate with companies in conducting these research projects and disseminating findings
  • Translate research findings and develop content for corporate resources/products
  • Identify relevant secondary research and create content for disseminating these findings for a variety of corporate, academic and lay audiences
  • Collaborate with design team in translating these findings into products appropriate for a range of audiences
  • Work with NCWIT corporate strategy team to refine and launch corporate change efforts
  • Provide consulting for corporate executives and other change leaders to implement reform in their local environments
  • Consult with and advise NCWIT Workforce Alliance work teams on their internal change efforts

For more details, see the full posting on the University of Colorado website.