NCWIT and the GI Bill Legislation Rollout

June 12, 2007
Rebecca Miller

It's rare to find a situation when one issue before Congress can be solved or aided by another issue, but that's what has happened in recent months.

A First-timer's Perspective

May 30, 2007
Summit Attendees

On May 15-16, NCWIT held its bi-annual meetings at its home base here in Boulder, Colorado.

XX Chromosomes in Silicon Valley

May 22, 2007
X Chromosome

Every few months, a reporter, blogger, or columnist knocks on meebo's door and invites one or all of us to share our experiences about being an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. We've talked about the early days brainstorming at California Pizza Kitchen, the day our lone meebo server almost melted underneath Sandy's desk, and how we've been fortunate to find fantastic people to join our team.

Fighting for FIRST

May 15, 2007
The Green Grinches


We are the Green Grinches, FIRST robot team 1624 and Girl Scout troop 1201. We began robotics in the sixth grade in the First Lego League (FLL). That year we won third place for most robust design, our second year we won second place for most innovative design, and our third year we won first runner up for the Director's Award (so close to nationals)!!!

Keeping Female Faculty in the Sciences and Engineering

May 8, 2007
Alice Merner Agogino and Family

In 2005, Harvard President Larry Summers speculated that innate gender differences may explain why fewer women than men reach top university science and engineering positions. Summers's remarks caused a firestorm of criticism that eventually cost him his job.

The Reverend John E. Brooks and Mentoring

May 1, 2007
Rev. John E. Brooks

I'm not one to shed tears over Business Week magazine. In fact, over decades of reading it, I can't recall a single time I even got misty-eyed over it. But when I was on the plane returning from California a few weeks ago, I was finishing up the March 12th edition of the magazine and happened upon the article entitled "The Holy Cross Fraternity," by Diane Brady.

The Computing Educator Oral History Project

April 24, 2007
Barbara Boucher Owens

Inquiring minds often wonder: How did she get to be what she is? How do women's career pathways differ from those of men? It was questions like these, during the 2003 SIGCSE Technical Symposium in Reno, Nevada, that led to an exciting project: The Computing Educator Oral History Project (CEOHP). Projects such as CEOHP can play a key role in increasing the population of people entering and staying in computing careers, especially careers in computing education.

The goals of the CEOHP are to:

Infoworld's Report on Women Leaving IT

April 17, 2007
Woman leaving work

Recently InfoWorld did a special report on women and IT, called, "Why are Women Exiting IT Professions?" The article series discusses the advantages of gender diversity, the importance of getting girls interested at the K-12 level, and the traits of women leaders in IT. It also cites several reasons for why women are leaving IT – which I'll summarize and comment on here.

The View from Abroad

April 10, 2007
David Notkin traveling

Living and spending my sabbatical in Sweden for more than six months has allowed me to gain a different perspective on a variety of issues in computer science, including those related to gender equity.

The Power of Nice

April 3, 2007
The Power of Nice cover

I am on the plane returning from New York City and the thing that is most on my mind are the wonderful people we meet as we reach out and share the NCWIT mission with others.