An interview with Sharon Perl, Software Engineer at Google

April 3, 2008
Sharon Perl

This is the second of two interviews that Ginger Makela conducted with women technologists at Google. Ginger is a Social Media Specialist at Google and serves as NCWIT's pro-bono web strategist.

Tell me what you do for Google.

An Interview with Lea Kissner, Software Engineer at Google

April 1, 2008
Ginger Makela

Fewer and fewer women are joining the IT field these days -- the official statistic is that there's been a 70 percent decline in the number of undergraduate women choosing to major in Computer Science between 2000 and 2005 -- and NCWIT is working to understand why that is and reverse the downward trend.

"Geek Girls" Dining Out for International Women's Day

March 8, 2008

Just in time for this year's International Women's Day, a new support group for women in IT was established in Australia.

An article from iTnews reported on this group, called Girl Geek Dinners.

"Providing a group that shows you are part of a growing part of your industry encourages people to stay in IT and others to join," Co-founder and Organizer of Girl Geek Dinners, Damana Madden said to iTnews.

International Women's Day: Women are a Smart Investment

March 8, 2008
Three women

International Women's Day is today, and organizations in all parts of the world are celebrating in their own unique way.

Trinidad and Tobago's local theme is "Investing in Women and Girls," according to the Trinidad & Tobago Express. This theme recognizes the value of an increased amount of girls and women in all educational and employment opportunities.

International Women's Day-in-a-Box!

March 8, 2008
International Women's Day-in-a-Box

Where is your organization looking for IT leadership and innovation?

Are women playing a key role in shaping your company's future?

Is your company making the most of diversity?

Are you building on and benefiting from diverse perspectives?

International Women's Day Around the World

March 7, 2008
International Women's Day poster

It's International Women's Day tomorrow, March 8.

All this week individuals and organizations around the globe have been celebrating the contributions of women and using this occasion to focus on improving conditions for women in social, economic, and political realms.

Grace Hopper: Call for Participation Ends March 16

February 22, 2008
Grace Hopper poster

We're very excited that the next Grace Hopper Celebration in Computing (GHC) will take place right here in Colorado, October 1-4, at the Keystone Resort. If anything beats the beauty of Rocky Mountain aspens turning gold in the fall, it's the sight of 1,200+ women gathered together to celebrate their love of technology.

The Anniversary of ENIAC

February 18, 2008

On February 14, 1946, ENIAC – the world's first digital electronic computer – was unveiled. ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. It was the world's first operational, general-purpose, electronic digital computer, developed at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

CS Majors Shaping the Future of Textbooks

February 11, 2008
Pearson Students logo

Are you a computer science major? Your opinions are in demand.

Pearson, one of the leading education publishers, is seeking participants to serve on its Pearson Student Advisory Board (PSAB). This is an incredible professional opportunity for undergrads to earn a $1,000 stipend, travel to Boston and other cities (all expenses paid), gain valuable business experience, receive complimentary textbooks, and develop a wide network of contacts.

TechStars: Calling All Women Entrepreneurs

February 6, 2008
Gwen Bell

A few years ago I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a major in English Lit. When I tell people I now work in the tech industry (and have started several successful businesses since graduation), they're often flabbergasted.