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iCarnegie Inc.

iCarnegie Inc.

iCarnegie, Inc., is an educational affiliate of Carnegie Mellon University and provider of modern, world-class software systems development curriculum and professional certifications. Worldwide, there is a need to increase the number of well-trained, advanced software development personnel who must know more than just basic programming or hold vendor-specific expertise. These professionals must have a depth and breadth of skills in modern technologies, but must also possess fundamental knowledge in how to approach programming, problem solving, software design, professional-grade development and testing, and software engineering and life-cycle management. As a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, iCarnegie has been charged with an ambitious mission: Develop courses, programs, teaching methods and learning technologies to change the world by transforming lives. We work with governments, organizations and businesses to deliver tailored curricula that enhance the productivity of teachers, students and employees.

  • Allan Fisher

IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE)

The mission of IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) is to facilitate the global inspiration, engagement and advancement of women in technical disciplines.  IEEE WIE envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.

  • IEEE WIE Chair


Iexpress.Me is an online design platform, which combines simple design tools along with thousands of design elements and integration on social platforms, giving people who like to be creative but are not professional graphic designers the ability to create posts, messages, pins or eCards that reflect feelings and share emotions. 



IGNITE, an acronym for Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution, is a network of girls and women who dream big dreams. The women work with technology in nearly every imaginable sector of the work world. The girls - typical high school students trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives - use familiar technology everyday (cell phones, video games, the Internet), but most have never considered careers that envision, develop, market, sell, apply, or rely on these and other technologies. When the women share their personal stories with the girls, sparks of curiosity, knowledge, hope, and possibility are ignited. The synergy generated by this interaction soon has the girls blazing paths to previously unimagined futures of their own.

  • Cathi Rodgveller
Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology is a national, technological, Ph.D.-granting research university, with world-renowned programs. Founded in 1940 and tracing its roots back to the 1890s with the founding of Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute, IIT brings a focused, interdisciplinary approach to education, including the Interprofessional Projects Program. With five campuses throughout the Chicago area and alumni around the world, IIT pairs the educational and cultural experiences of America's Second City with the small feel of an undergraduate population of just over 2300 and total population of just over 7400. Mission: To provide distinctive and relevant education in an environment of scientific, technological, and professional knowledge creation and innovation. Vision: IIT will be internationally recognized in distinctive areas of education and research, using as its platform the global city of Chicago, driven by a professional and technology-oriented focus, and based on a culture of innovation and excellence.

  • Cindy Hood
Illinois State University

Illinois State University

Illinois State University’s campus is in the twin-city community of Bloomington-Normal near the geographic center of the state. The University is one of 12 public universities in Illinois. Its academic departments offer more than 160 major/minor options in the Colleges of Applied Science and Technology, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Fine Arts, and Mennonite College of Nursing. The Graduate School coordinates 41 master's, specialist, and doctoral programs. The University's academic programs are supported by the services and collections of Milner Library, which contains more than three million holdings and special collections. The University enrolls students from throughout Illinois, 40 other states, the District of Columbia, and 61 other countries. Students are mentored by a faculty that includes numerous teacher-scholars recognized at national and international levels, and all are dedicated to superior teaching.

  • Mary Elaine Califf,
  • Anu Gokhale,
  • Kenton Machina,
  • Joaquin Villa-Ruiz

Illinois Technology Foundation

The Illinois Technology Foundation is a grassroots organization with over 300 passionate volunteers that are focused on developing and retaining the best IT talent and leadership in Illinois by bringing real-world career opportunities to the classroom. In doing this, they enrich the careers of students by helping them find meaningful employment that allows them to pursue their technical aspirations and make valuable contributions to their employers.

  • Carrie Ruetschlin,
  • Jennifer Didier,
  • Bill Waas


Imulus is a digital agency located in the beautiful tech mecca of Boulder, CO at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We are passionate professionals who are committed to creating innovative and elegant solutions. Brand interactions are becoming more digital every day. Customers may find you on Facebook, link to your website, follow you on Twitter, and then return on their phone or tablet. These digital interactions can enhance or destroy your brand. We live in this digital environment and are committed to creating engaging and memorable experiences for our clients.


Independent Oracle Users Group

Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) represents the voice of Oracle technology and database professionals and empowers them to be more productive in their business and careers by: delivering education, sharing best practices, and providing technology direction and networking opportunities.

  • Julie Ferry
Indiana University - Bloomington

Indiana University - Bloomington

The Computer Science Department is one of three principal department-like entities in the School of Informatics, which also includes the Department of Informatics at IU Bloomington and the IUPUI School of Informatics in Indianapolis. In July of 2007, Mike Dunn, the founding Dean of the School, retired, and was succeeded by Bobby Schnabel. They look forward to further developing the strengths of their Department under the new Dean's leadership and to combining the many diverse research areas represented across the entire School to enhance and expand the opportunities for undergraduate and graduate education in Computer Science. Computer Science is a rapidly evolving discipline, and in the coming years an exciting diversity of opportunities will become available for highly-trained computer scientists.

  • Maureen Biggers,
  • Kay Connelly,
  • Dennis Groth,
  • Christine Ogan,
  • Bobby Schnabel