Entrepreneurial Alliance Members

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Orbotix Logo


Orbotix is focused on bringing a new concept of fun through robotics and phone-controlled devices. Their first product, Sphero, uses Orbotix’s API to create the first robotic ball gaming system through the use of a smartphone. Founded by passionate lifelong robotic engineers, Orbotix is working to bring the world of mixed-reality gaming to smartphones everywhere.

PiggyBackr logo


Piggybackr is a platform that teaches youth how to raise money online for their teams and communities. Their mission is to change the face of youth fundraising, make it more effective, fun, and instructional for youth, and teach youth how to be more self-sufficient.

Pinoccio logo


Pinoccio is an open, wireless hardware platform. Just as easy, inexpensive, and fun as Arduino™, but with a built-in radio and battery powered. Their first product is the Pinoccio board, a tiny 1" x 2" computer that can communicate wirelessly with other boards and with the web. Pinoccio is an open-hardware platform, targeted at the emerging maker and DIY movement.

PivotDesk logo


PivotDesk is an office-sharing marketplace that transforms the way we think about office space from a liability into a growing business asset. By providing the tools businesses need to market, manage and monetize excess office space, and the search and match tools that startups need to find suitable Hosts, PivotDesk helps startups and small businesses find flexible, affordable, room to grow.

Pixability logo


Pixability's software helps your marketing team get more views on YouTube and thereby attract more customers. They optimize your existing videos and also your paid video ad campaigns.

PlumPerfect logo


Plum Perfect is a consumer centric breakthrough color intelligence technology that analyzes colors from digital photos to make personalized product recommendations to your shoppers.

Pretty Quick logo


PrettyQuick is the über for recommended salon and spa openings.  A real-time marketplace for beauty and self-care appointments, PrettyQuick helps busy urbanites conveniently find and book services, and high-quality salons and spas fill empty seats.

Q-Local logo


Q-Local provides local businesses with an online marketing solution that features a focus on search.

Quick Left logo

Quick Left

Quick Left is a software development consultancy that specializes in web development, design, training and mobile applications. Quick Left accelerates digital product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplification, scalability and today’s smartest web technology backed by a team of experts.

Rapt Media

Rapt Media

Rapt Media is a cloud-based video editing and publishing platform that enables content creators to build dynamic, interactive videos with drag-and-drop ease. The viewer's delight in being the masters of their video experience is enriched while Rapt Media gathers valuable data about their preferences through powerful analytics that help maximize the return on investment.