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TapInfluence works with brand marketers, agencies and publishing partners to harness the power of social influencers through content-driven campaigns that are meaningful and useful for consumers. Its Influencer Marketing platform manages all aspects of high-impact social marketing campaigns, helping brand marketers identify and activate influencers, distribute content across all social networks and measure campaign performance.

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TaskRabbit connects friendly, reliable people in each neighborhood who can help get items on To-Do list done.  They take the task list, assign the person who bids the lowest price to each task and then pay for the service after it is finished.

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TechStars provides seed funding from more than 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in the success of startups, as well as intense mentorship from hundreds of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

The Cotery

The Cotery

The Cotery offers a platform for designers to create a custom cut-and-sew garment based on a wide library of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, trims, embellishments, and artwork placement options. Designers publish their designs for pre-sale, and if they can get a minimum number of purchase pledges within a 30 day period, we handle all the manufacturing and fulfillment for the garment. Because of our manufacturing partners, we're able to dramatically reduce the lead time for production, and because the design has been crowd-funded, there are no upfront costs to the designers. We enable designers to focus on creating quality designs and build their personal brand, without worrying about the headaches involved in going down the traditional manufacturing route.

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Twilio provides infrastructure APIs for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps. Twilio is a web-service API that allows users to use existing web languages and skills to build voice and SMS applications. They focus on building a simple, powerful, pay-as-you-go communications platform so that users can focus on what they do best.