K-12 Alliance

The K-12 Alliance, made up of girl-serving organizations, professional educator associations, academic institutions, and businesses, leverages the reach and diversity of its members to create national outreach programs that increase the participation of girls in computing. Through its vast member network, the K-12 Alliance has the potential to reach 100% of the girls in the United States and is dedicated to creating access to authentic, inclusive computer science education for every girl, everywhere.

K-12 Alliance projects focus on increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of girls in computing and technology studies and careers, and inspiring girls to become more interested and confident in computing. The alliance is comprised of both national organizations (Alliance Members) and local organizations (Associate Members). To request more information or inquire about membership, fill out this form.

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Alliance Leadership

Brook Osborne

K-12 Executive Council

Rane Johnson-Stempson

K-12 Executive Council

Hai Hong

K-12 Executive Council

Ruthe Farmer

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Kimberly Bryant

K-12 Executive Council
Black Girls Code

Karen Peterson

K-12 Executive Council
National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP)

Lissa Clayborn

K-12 Executive Council

Suzanne Harper

K-12 Executive Council
Girl Scouts of the USA

Linda Kekelis

K-12 Executive Council